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It’s Too Late

I have been working on my family tree for over a decade now. I have always wanted to scan our family photos so that I have digital copies for archiving and sharing. However, my Mom would not let her precious photos out of her sight. If I did take a few, I had to return them promptly the next day or receive a reminder phone call every 12 hours until they were back in her loving care. These were obviously her most prized possessions and she guarded them intensely. She disdained technology and was loathe to share any private information with the world. She always promised to make copies for me, but never found the time to do so.

My Mom passed away last year. Recently, I was helping my Dad clean up the basement and found the old photo albums. “Can I borrow these for a few days? I promise I will bring them right back.” “Keep ’em,” was my Dad’s reply. He is not a pack rat like my mother and he saw no reason for them to sit neglected in the dark basement.

So I have been scanning, archiving and yes, sharing the old photos. Some have writing on the back so I know when they were taken and who the people in the photos are. The majority give me no clue as to why they were so precious to my mom, and their meaning is lost for all time.

To quote the Carole King song, “It’s too late baby, now it’s too late.”

1968 family


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2 thoughts on “It’s Too Late

  1. I’ve made a habit of recording any “batch” markings I find on the back of photos. I don’t know that they’ll ever mean anything, but on a couple of occassions I’ve been able to at least identify the year a photo was taken with a bit of accuracy this way. Someone will see a pic and say “Oh, that’s Faye by her 53 Cadillac that Lowell bought from that gangster guy down in Fountain square. That must have been taken when she just got it, about 1958.” And then, bam, all the other photos I have with different subjects but the same batch mark on the back, I know came from the same roll of film. It’s a start πŸ™‚

  2. It is very sad that this happen. Even sadder that it happens everyday many times over. At least you are able to save some of your family history.

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