Focusing on Italian Genealogy and uncovering the testa duras in my family tree

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Collaboration is Key


I grew up seeing the photograph of my maternal grandparents on their wedding day in 1923. Their wedding anniversary was celebrated by the entire family until my grandmother died in 1979. Through an earlier blog post, a cousin contacted me and invited me to join her family Facebook page. She then posted a photo of the entire wedding party! What an absolute treasure.

For whatever reason, my mother was of the mind set that genealogical research was a secret to be closely hoarded and rarely shared photos or information outside her immediate family. I’ve read that Italians harbor a suspicion of authority figures and are wary of outsiders. I think that is the view my mother grew up with too. I would have never broken through so many brick walls last year if I shared her attitude.


Hello world!

Hello World! I am a daughter, wife and mother living in Michigan. I am married to an incredibly patient man and we have three amazing children. I started this blog as a way to dump all the random thoughts roaming through my brain. I am hoping that documenting the momentous and the minuscule will remove some of the anxiety I feel about growing older. Please feel free to comment and share.

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